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Optimize your business!
Optimize your business!


The web technology is developing rapidly. Surfing the Internet on a desktop is "old skool". The new generation loves mobile internet anytime, anywhere and 24/7. Through a laptop, tablet or smartphone and it has to be fast as Hell. The development is in a fast-paced HTML5, CSS3 and up! Responsive templates are a must now a days!

Because of all new standards, some websites are build by developers with little knowledge of all these new developments and your website or web application is not doing it's job and your income is running slow. That's when we kick in... By simply analyzing your website or app, we will tell you what needs to be done in order to make your business "Run with the BIG boys".

Web conventions
Web conventions

Web Conventions

With all new developments, new rules are created. The so-called Web conventions. The more conventional your business is, the more it converts. So "creative minds" are needed to make your bussiness "stick out" from the rest of the thousands of sites or apps, but still be conventional. This creativity is called "Cookie Cutting".

It's all about the user experience! With small modifications to your website or web application, huge profits can be made. We will advise you on template layout, postioning and user friendly shopping.

SEA Search engine Advertising
SEA Search engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

The real deal in Search Engine Advertising land. The major search engines offer a potential to paid advertising. This is a great source of income. But SEA programs have become so extensive that it requires a study to actually convert your advertising campaigns without costing money. And no one wants to lose money! With the many options and "know abouts" it is almost impossible for a small player to generate profit in the maze of Search Engine Advertisement.

We can help, tip and advise you on your trip through SEA land, return on investments, add campaigns, keyword insertions and many more.

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